A Princess Room For Her

Many little girls enjoy having the princess fantasy. They imagine themselves to be little princesses in magical fairy tale worlds. As a parent, why not create that magical fantasy world for your little girl by giving her a princess themed room.

The walls should be the first place to start. What color do you want to decorate the walls? The most common choice is pink but you may want to go with a different shade like pastel pink and lavender. You can also choose to put up wallpaper with a princess theme. You can purchase a mural of her favorite princess. These murals are a simple peel and stick decal but can transform the room instantly. Information available here

For her bedding, go for the princess themed bedding and window treatments. There’s a whole lot to choose from if you decide to go with the Disney princesses, for example. These may end up costing you a little more than the traditional fairy princesses, but seeing the smile on your little girl’s face should make it all worth your while. However, if you are on a budget, you might want to make the princess themed curtains yourself. All you need is a princess print fabric in shimmery or lacey pastel. Sew it up then glue some rhinestones onto the curtains and give her room that extra sparkle.

Rummage the stores for a princess themed area rug. You may find some with a fairy tale scene such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or even Rapunzel looking out her castle. Or even area rugs with deer on them or those that look like grass. Your daughter would really enjoy having her Alice In Wonderland tea parties with friends while sitting on a soft, comfortable area rug.

Personalize the room for your little princess by adding framed posters of her favorite Disney characters onto her walls. Additional accessories you may use to accent the room may include wands, magic slippers and tiaras.Thank you for your interest

Dolls are an important part of her imagination. You can display a variety of dolls in her room but make sure to include her favorite princess characters. You can purchase fairy tale books and place colorful covers on them to sit around her room. Line the shelves to top the look.

She will need a princess bed. You may want to consider a castle bed for her fortress. Have her bed customized with towers for storage. Or you can choose a bunk bed set and make her bed on top and a play area on the bottom.Take a look at our site

You can make her dreams come true by giving her a princess room.

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